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CPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + more

CPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + more

CPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + moreCPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + more




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Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your company – recent changes to operations, the latest company softball game – or the industry you’re in. General business trends (think national and even international) are great article fodder, too.

Mission statements – Our Mission is a mission of Continual Improvements and Advancement to help Financial Decision Makers better decide based on evidence top options and simulations or estimates of outcomes on cost benefit weighted lines of entity policy an community lines for shareholders (aka beneficial owners) and multi point stakeholders for greater synergy from Policy and GRC and ITGRC lines in Decision Making Frameworks of Corporate Governance,

Company policies – Our Company Policy is to embrace Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Audit and Strong Control Frameworks with Strong Civics to help on Entity, Policy and Community Decision Making Returns with Compliance and Strong Support to Knowledge Strategy as the pathway to better Financial Decision Making support with the view to cross silo and siloed needs in context to #GRLSTEM which tells us that each and every dollar spent or encumberenced works across 3 core needs of growth, risk and logistic for Strategy.

Executive profile – Dean T.  Carson II, CPA , Principal and Analyst  ( Classic http://dcarsoncpa.com/about_us

CPA and Analyst with Core Financial skills from Audit through CFO, Controlling and Management Consulting working with 3/4 of the Big 4 and Medium and Small Regionals Across  Fortune 500, FTSE 100, DAX and SME, SMB, Small Businesses with a range of skills from Entry  to Output Accounting through  Ledgers to Financials and Analysis covering FASB ASC, IFRS IAS, SEC, FINRA, NAICS, STAT, FRB, OCC and other lines of Financials across Financial, Management Reporting, Tax, Regulatory Compliance and Analyst lines to Plan, Budget, Forecast and Productive Business Planning and Market Reactivity. For Operating Entities, For Strategy and For Parent Company Consolidations and Direct Filing to Exchange Coordinators, The SEC, FINRA and the IRS from the CFO , Controlling Lines delivered 8/8 rounds of clean financials from lead and support lines to teamwork with long tail close support to C-Level Executives.

Came from a Technology, Health Care and Historical Background to Continentals, Patriots, Pilgrims, Founders, National Guard and Army Lines a generation back creating a unique sense of context to service across 3 lines to entity policy and community needs with the 4th line being the knowledge of the importance of Historical Roots and a Legacy of Service and connected lines  of Latter Generation Immigrants and honorary acceptance to a more modern day line of cultural diversity. Valuing Service to the Core Value of Exceptional Teamwork.

Connected Technology, Health and Historical and Sevice Roots to a Framework of Awareness to Help On Macro Policy and it's push down to Entity and Community lines visa vi Regulatory and Tax Lines with Technology, Data Science, Big Data, Open Gov and Open Industry Lines.

Evolved the Lines of DCarsonCPA www.dcarsoncpa.com to DCarsonCPANET with growth to Economist, Statistician, Actuarial, Legal, Financial and Fiscal Policy, Technology, Social Research and a Construct Model of The Economy and Financials as pursuing JD Economics, Statistics or Quant to Econometrics and Financial Engineering Ready Lines to Analysis for Strategic, Operational and Functional Needs. Evolved with a goal to learn as much knowledge as would be required to support an Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branch Leader on Macro Policy Analysis Frameworks and it's corresponding scope out to Industry GRC, ITGRC and related lines. Evolved with a Risk Model with Return Value to Growth and Logistics as following the how of Regulatory and Compliance including Tax to the Why of Policy Level Decision Making. Evolved to Strong Macro Policy level Local, Regional, State, Multi-State and National Commerce and overlying International Trade Compliance.

Evolved with the knowledge of Econometrics, STEM, Engineering  Statistics, Health and Vocational Research and Deep Lines of Applied Legal, Financial,  Technology and Social Research to a Strategic Mind Set to help on Fiscal Policy and Entity Governance needs and importantly an Engineering Mind Set learned from an Engineer who Became a Doctor out of a will to help on Human needs. Thrived with Innovation, Big Data , Communications, Open Gov, Open Industry, Open Economy and Social Research to build #EPCLines for Entity, Policy and Community needs where we all meet in the Economy through Financials and the Legal and Technology Framework to Teamwork for continual improvements.

CPA with Core Financial Services, Retail, Entertainment, Health Services, Technology, Academia, Government, Non Profit and other sector skills to become strong on Abstract Value to think across Economist, Analyst, Statistical, Actuarial, Financial, Legal, Technology and Social Research to help on the Economy and Financials for Financial Decision Makers on Boards, Directors, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs. GCs, CLOs, COOs, CAO's, CHRO's CS, CISO, CRO and other lines of Client, Vendor, Business Partner, Regulatory and Social Research lines to teamwork for Public Private Partnerships, Communities and Stakeholders. 

Built as a First Step Macro to Micro  Financial, Legal, Technology and Social Research Models to Financial Decision Making and in context to DCarsonCPA then DCarsonCPA on Advisory and DCarsonCPAMFCOne lines in the Framework of Trade, Commerce and Evolving Societal Risk Factors on VUCA Awareness lines Post 9/11 and Global Affairs over the Last Almost Two Decades.

The Study of Risk refuted the Back Office, Sunk Cost, Lost Expense model narrative of the Accounting Lines on it's back when noting that intrinsically the mirror reflection of Risk and Statistics are the opportunity lines of growth and logistics for savings and improvements.

Built a Reduction Model of #GRLSTEM www.grlstem.com to help on #EPCLines of Entity, Policy and Community needs where Economics, Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork meet. Arrived at #GRLSTEM at great cost of personal and professional self sustaining Reinvestment into studying the Economy and Financial Decision Making Lines for Teamwork on continual improvements. 

GRLSTEM by DCarsonCPA at www.grlstem.com from DCarsonCPA Classic and Next Gen www.DCarsonCPANET.com

GRLSTEM by DCarsonCPA at www.grlstem.com from DCarsonCPA Classic and Next Gen www.DCarsonCPANET.com