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CPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + more

CPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + more

CPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + moreCPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + more

CPA Services: Accounting, Taxes, Financials, Analyst, CFO,PM

Services in Overview

Our Original lines at www.dcarsoncpa.com which we will maintain as a tome to a wealth of work performed to help on Entity, Policy and Community needs became  a fairly in depth technical line for client support across services, research and outreach. Our intention here is to keep it short, simple and modern for the 8 second attention span until we can work with you to focus in a little more with us to understand why 8 seconds is rarely enough.

We can help on:

> Accounting
> Taxes
> Financial Reporting
> Regulatory and Compliance Basis  Reporting
> Audit Prep, Due Diligence, Policies and Procedures, Testing of Controls and other agreed upon procedures where valid to relevant requirements evaluated on case by case basis
> Financial Models and Performance Analysis or other support line needs.
> Cost Accounting, Cost Benefit Lines, Optimization, Multi Point reporting support
> Other relevant and compliant needs.

Articles – We work in substantial ways as proven over more than 8+ years on our lines with the Detailed and Abstract lines of Accounting, Taxes, Financials, Compliance an Regulatory, Audit, Financial Modeling, Due Diligence, Court Financials, Expert Witness and other lines to routine and complex needs which are governed to open needs on communications with compliance and to services, applied research and outreach points to societal needs on EPC lines of  Entity, Policy an Community lines and how in most every sector you look at the Economy works with Financials in Context to a Legal Framework and the Rules of Self Governance and the Tools of Technology to Teamwork to help on performance. At the Sum of Our Skills a Line of Accounting to your needs with Compliance.  Look across Our Web Lines to Learn more.

Mission statements – Our Mission Finds its Origin in the Original Context of the AICPA Conceptual Framework to Seen and Foreseeable and Unforeseen points in relevance to the adherence to governing standards across a range of source which may or may not include per engagement the AICPA, PCAOB, IRS and other Regulatory National and Local lines, In Overview and Defined Clearly to Scope Lines for Contracts to ensure that we are all on point with needs per engagements where aligning to agreed services. From the Original Lines of the Learning of the AICPA and NYS Frameworks a core point that a distinguishing mark of a profession is it's acceptance of accountability .

Company policies – Our Policy in general is to work to the lines of the needs from the profession, on license services, agreed upon services and the needs in context that flow from many sources to project needs including but not limited to as defined per engagement agreements in compliance to AICPA and PCAOB and other lines to needs. Our skills with advanced policy, technical, legal, regulatory and other research applied to a framework for client services as relevant to sector and domain on Entity, Policy and Community lines of an Eco System.

Executive profiles –  Dean T. Carson II, C.P. A. is Our Founder and Principal he has 24+ years of skills, 16+ years from a base of Audit through CFO / Controlling and Lean MAnagement Consulting across Fortune 500, FTSE 100, SME / SMB, Non Profit, Govt and Individual / Family lines to needs for Communities. With 8+ years of integrated Economist, Analyst , Risk, Policy, Legal ( Paralegal ), Technology and Social Research to Accounting, Financials, Audit, Risk, Governance, Tax, Regulatory, Compliance, IT Audit, GRC and ITGRC in a Domestic and Global Framework of Local, State, Multi-State, National and Global line of Trade and Commerce Analysis as up training to ideally help on US Debt and Deficit Level Challenges across Federal , Multi-State, Regional, Local and International lines to teamwork where the knowledge of US, UK, CA, Australia, EU, G8, G10 G20 and overall UN lines to Analysis, Global Central Banking, Trade, Economics, Statistics, Risk, Governance, Financials, Policy, Controls and Teamwork have brought a unique line to help on Abstract and Drill Down Core Value to needs as we pursue Economist Legal Quant and Engineering skills to MA , JD and other relevant lines of more formally noticed excellence. In every sector of the Macro and Micro Economy are Financials and a context to Decision Making where Entity, Policy and Community needs meet in the Economic, Legal, Financial and Teamwork framework. Our Goal and Continual Path is one of perpetual commitment to be the best we can be to help on client needs in a construct model of growth, risk and logistics needs that we commonly refer to as #GRLSTEM inherent in those lines is the #R for #RiskManagement which works to the whole of the model with #GRC and #ITGRC #Policy #Entity and #community awareness to needs and how the Financials can help on Decision Making  needs with compliance. We seek clients who value compliance and understand that the outcome of compliant financials on cost benefit lines of optimization are strong tools to help on entity and personal financial decision making. We can help your needs Today. Accounting Analysis in New York

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DCarsonCPA www.dcarsoncpa.com is our origin site for the Practice of Dean T. Carson II, CPA Our Principal, the evolved lines and brand DCarsonCPA expanded to become our answer to a call for many perceived levels of needs for support to Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Community lines through the interfunction where Financials Macro and Micro ( Economics and Econometrics), Legal, Technology and Teamwork meet in Framework to a Construct Model of the Economy and Financials complete with Entity and Cross Sector Lines to support https://www.linkedin.com/company/dcarsoncpa-com/ and Advisory http://dean1851.wixsite.com/dcarsoncpaonadvisory elements and the origin of the DCarsonCPAMFC One lines https://dcarsoncpamfc1.joomla.com/ where the value to Entity, Public Private Partnerships and Individual Consumers is the evolved #ValueinContext of #GRLSTEM built from #CoreValue  on #accounting #financials #taxes #compliance #analysis and #AppliedResearch to evolve with Financial, Legal, Technology and Teamwork lines and flow with disruption and innovation stewardship in context to the continual needs on accounting with compliance. www.dcarsoncpa.com we bring value to teamwork for these days and the forward days of frequent changes with technology, #GRC #ITGRC #FASB #ASC #GAAP #IFRS #SEC #FINRA #XBRL #IRS #CFTC #AICPA #PCAOB #FRC #ICAEW #HMRC and other lines to needs as needed per clients and eligible with compliance. Fast track to Info@DCarsonCPA.com for more.