DCarsonCPA Blue - Services for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100s

Economist Analyst


From the base of 16+ years on Core Financials Audit through CFO / Controlling to Lean Management Consulting with Corporate Finance, Corporate Accounting and Financials Analysis in Financial and Major Sectors we evolved with CFA Level 1 training and hands on Capital Markets, Insurance, Broker-Dealers, Investment Management, Investment Banking, Banking, Mutual Funds and Private Equity lines to a strong line of over 8+ years added on Economist, Statistician, Actuary, Data Science, Trade and Commerce, Entity and Cross Sector and Contextual Frameworks of Economic and Social Research equivalent on many levels to an advanced level hybrid Economist, Quant, Analyst and Actuarial Lines with skills to Domestic and Global Economic Research and Analysis.

Financials and Policy


Our Product, Markets, Sector and Ecosystem Analyst skills are strong from years of owning and delivering multi-stream GAAP, Tax, Regulatory and Management Basis Reporting to Leading Industry Lines for C-Level Executive, Board, Director and Senior Executive lines to Management (Line), Staff, Shareholder and Broad line Societal Stakeholder needs with compliance. Our Agility includes FASB ASC, GASB, A-133, OMB, Yellow Book, AICPA, PCAOB, FASAB, FRC, UST - SEC, CFTC, FRB, OCC, FDIC and FINRA Lines. IRC, HMRC and Global Tax lines, Management Reporting and Analysis through CPA, CMA and Analyst ( CFA path lines) . We are strong on Entity, Non Profit and Government lines of Policy Formation.

Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance increasingly refered to on Eco System lines as GRC and ITGRC as Governance, Risk (Risk Management ) and Compliance add IT version of same with engineering basis controls from ANSI and ISO and other defined sources and frameworks like FFEIC, HIPPA,  HIMSS, NIST and more. Working Beyond Black Boxes and with Total Frameworks to Analysis of Audit, Risk and Governance chains which in effect link Entities to Policy on the Broader Level of the Economy and Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Learning from the Outliers and Building with Strong Cost Benefit Optimized Controls and Reporting and logically adapting in real time to knowledge of Evolving and Evolved Policy across EPC Lines of Entity, Policy and Community Teamwork.  Strong to AICPA and PCAOB Audit and Control Lines, NACD Boards and Governance Lines, Internal Audit, Computer Systems Audit and other Regulatory and Due Dilligence lines of imposed and evolved self governance for Entity Risk Management. Audit Prep, Risk Management, Security, Strong Controls, 8 Domains, Cobit 5, ISRM and more.

Technology and GRLSTEM


Due to the Challenges of raising capital for newly defined late entrant CPA Practices to the Financial Sector we eventually realized that proactively building out GRLSTEM lines to take our skills to the technology lines to work with Project Management, Business Analyst (SME and IT), Programming, Financials, Legal and Teamwork lines to needs with Compliance. GTLSTEM www.grlstem.com is the eventual break away line of companion self services lines on cross functional teamwork for Data Science, Analytics, Management Reporting, Compliance across multiple lines to needs and other key points like working with key needs of #GrowthStrategy #RiskManagement and #Logistics with Core Financials and STEM including Social Research and Data Science to the Evolved lines of Value in Context.

Compliant Teamwork and EPC Lines


Compliant Teamwork in support of Entity, Policy and Community needs on EPCLines for the broad line of Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Govt and Community Teamwork including Shareholder and Stakeholder lines to Individuals, Families and Communities. Once expained as the seen and foreseeable lines of the Entity to the Economy and Eco Systems in Framework. These are the Abstract Value lines where the underlying Core Value Financial skills meet to produce key lines on #GRLSTEM to help on your needs as a Fortune 500, FTSE 100 or aspirant F500 or FTSE100 line.

Communications Public Relations and Outreach


Over 8+ years on the lines of DCarsonCPA we have ran a strong line of Entity, Policy and Community support from DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines which serve for our needs on Services, Applied Research and Outreach. These lines are a unique element of compliant communications support to help on Traditional and Social Media in a manner of support to Our needs, Client and Community Stakeholder needs, Training and Development, Social Research , Growth Strategy and Community Services across growth, risk and logistics. DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines https://www.facebook.com/PRTCLinesonCommunications