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CPA, Analyst, CFO, Economist, Project Manager financial services + more


On Client Site and Remote support NYC HQ Back office to NY, Domestic (National) and Global needs with Compliance



Economist and Analyst

These are the roll Forward Lines of DCarsonCPA on Services, Applied Research and Outreach from www.dcarsoncpa.com . Our Original lines evolved from a deep process of cross functional Economic, Statistical, Actuarial, Macro and Micro Financial, Legal, Technology and Social Research to Teamwork in Our Own Model of Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Community Analysis to support ALL Lines on Stakeholder needs in the Economy and Financials Through EPC Lines evolved through DCarsonCPA MFC One, DCarsonCPA on Advisory and GRLSTEM lines. Those lines evolved of a deep commitment to help on Macro Economic Challenges through Micro Analysis connection to the model of the Economy itself and a better employment of Accounting from Entity , to Policy and Community lines where Laws, Rules, Manuals, Forms, Filings, Corporate Governance and the needs of Shareholders and Societal Stakeholder meet in Financial Decision Making Frameworks in the Aggregate.  A Model to help Executive, Legislative and Judicial Decision Makers in Context to needs for Boards, Directors, Senior Executives, Senior Management and Staff Development lines to support Individual / Family and Community needs. Through the Process of Building a Constuct Model of the Economy and Financials we arrived at Our Own Unique lines of skills to multidimensional economic analysis which continues to grow on formal and informal education lines as funds and opportunities avail.


CFO Controller

A Core Value line in support to Abstract and Detailed Analysis is the underlying skills we built over many years from the base of Fortune 500 Audit and Management training through Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis, Corporate Accounting to CFO Controller and Lean Management Consulting lines across Fortune 500, FTSE 100, SMB / SME , Non Profit, Govt, Community and Individual / Family lines of Accounting, Taxes, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance, Financials, Finance, Risk Management, Audit Prep, Audit, Analysis, Due Diligence and Crisis Response Lines for Entities.


Financial Project Management

Our skills on Economics, Risk, Financials, Statistics, Actuarial, Data Science, Data, Technology, Communications and Teamwork Frameworks amount into an aggregate line of strong support for Financial Decision Making support AND Strategy and Operations support through the proven lines of #GRLSTEM and our advanced skills on Project Management with full scope  C-Level Executive, CSuite, Senior Management, Board, Director,  Management and Staff skillls on teamwork in support of Shareholder ( Beneficial Owner, Partners, Sole Proprietors et al) and Stakeholder (Client, Vendor, Business Partner, Bankers, Investors, Regulators, External CPAs, Taxing Authorities, Vendors and Utility and Technology lines on Entity support with #CFO #Controller #ProjectManagemenet #BusinessAnalyst #SME and #IT #SAP #Oracle #MSDynamics #intuit #sage #fundez and #ITGRC skills in Framework to Financial, Legal, Technology and Teamwork support to leadership, management, staff and community lines.

We work through  long established path of Services, Applied Research and Outreach to help on the Entity and Cross Sector needs on project manager, cfo, controller, analyst, specialist, technical accounting, economist, data science, policy, applied statistics, legal assistant another points on the lines to connect financial statements and financial services and other industry skills from the core to help on Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government, Individual, Family and Community needs from Core Skills on Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork frameworks and from the abstract lines of Economist, Policy, Data Science, Social Research, Technology and Engineering points to Communities to help on Financial Decision Making Support needs.


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